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Our History

For nearly 30 years, educator Kate Horst has been creating and modeling early childhood development practices and tools with community leaders, teachers and parents through “anchor organizations”, utilizing relationship-based interactions and evidence-based instructional design.

Currently executive director of FluentSeeds, Kate first created a professional development program in 1998 to make learning about parenting user-friendly for the adolescent parents she served in Minneapolis Public Schools Adolescent Parent Program.

Since that time, Kate developed her framework, called SEEDS of Learning, through participation in a University of Minnesota study and involvement in the Minnesota Early Literacy Training Project. The model has undergone independent evaluations that prove its efficacy in preparing children for kindergarten and reading by grade 3.

SEEDS embeds the art and science of sensitive and responsive relationships into every interaction. SEEDS classrooms and homes have stood the test of time because they are defined by balanced interactions that support learners to feel respected and capable. 
The SEEDS of Learning frameworks are currently in 12 states, with each program customized to meet the needs of the community.

We know that relationship is the link that moves all learners from knowledge to mastery and that it occurs through a host of activities throughout the day. SEEDS of Learning supports fun and meaningful learning opportunities to help children become confident, capable readers by 3rd grade, in developmentally appropriate classrooms, with adults who are respected and supported.

Meet Our Team

Headshot of Phuong Anh Saeturn

Phuong Anh Saeturn

Lead Coach and Trainer

Emily Grunt

Program Director
Headshot of Kayme Hugley

Kamye Hugley

Training and Coaching Manager

Alyssa Moylan

Operations and Finance Lead
Portrait of Executive Director, Kate Horst, smiling, wearing black turtleneck

Kate Horst

Executive Director

Andrea Little

Data Analyst
Headshot of Irene Segura, Program Coach

Irene Segura

Lead Coach and Trainer

Ana Quintero

Program Associate
Headshot of Kelle Green

Kelle Green

Marketing and Communications Manager

Tempestt Gilmore

Program Manager
photo of Markita Frazier

Markita Frazier

Lead Coach and Trainer

Carla Ann Horst

Seeds Operation Manager

Meet Our Partners

FluentSeeds partners with anchor organizations to make SEEDS of Learning training and coaching available to institutions that support children’s literacy and development.

The programs that are “anchor organizations” for SEEDS of Learning choose us because we have a history of moving children in foundational skills toward predictive skills based on evidence-based interactions. They choose us because our pedagogy is developmentally appropriate and respectful of the skill development process. Plus, it’s fun for all ages.