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FluentSeeds presents SEEDS of Learning Family Childcare Framework

This is a training, coaching, and MTSS framework used with family (home-based) childcare providers to support social, emotional, and equitable academic growth.

Training Dates:

Training Time:

What is it?

Kindergarten readiness is linked to becoming literate. Our family childcare framework is proven to accelerate growth in five predictive literacy indicators. It consists of evidence-based strategies that are rooted in relationships, language, and literacy. 

We support the effectiveness of strategies through asset-based coaching and training. We assess what is already working within a provider’s program, assess opportunities for increased impact, and support the implementation and progress monitoring.

This framework supports educators to:

  • Increase child confidence and capability through safety and respect
  • Increase equitable outcomes for children using evidence-based interventions in predictive literacy skills
  • Increase educator efficacy through a research-based skill development cycle

The Impact
The interactions young children experience with the adults in their lives have an indelible impact on their developing brain architecture, laying the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health. Research shows that high-quality early interactions and positive relationships help children strengthen social-emotional skills, increasing their likelihood of success in school and life. SEEDS of Learning is based on years of research about child development, brain development, and how trusting adult-child interactions help children learn. Importantly, it’s been proven to work by rigorous studies.

Who is it for?
Childcare providers working in family-based child care programs, as well as their assistants.

*We offer a sliding fee scale based on certain criteria. If you would like to attend the training, but find the cost associated to be prohibitive, please reach out to for more information.