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June, 2022

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Children in 33 OUSD classrooms are reaping the benefits of high-dosage tutoring this summer, a strategy that has long been a mainstay of FluentSeeds’ frameworks. Beginning with a short, engaging assessment, our trained tutors work alongside coaches and teachers to tailor their instruction to meet the individual needs of each student. High-dosage tutoring in early literacy instruction is a proven learning accelerant, especially combined with SEEDS’ focus on social-emotional awareness and relationship-building. Last week Emily Grunt, our Program Director, visited tutors Maurice, Norma, and Kimberly at Garfield Elementary. Everyone is doing a great job and looking good in their new t-shirts!
FluentSeeds is proud to be among the sponsors of The Oakland Literacy Coalition’s 2nd Annual Literacy and Justice for All Symposium this October 12-15. This event brings together school and community educators, practitioners, funders, leaders, influencers, and community stakeholders committed to sharing and learning effective strategies, approaches, and tools that address the literacy needs of Oakland. Kayme Hugley, FluentSeeds Training and Coaching Manager, will be offering a workshop on balanced and equitable social-emotional learning in and out of the classroom. 
How does “Zero Learning Loss” Sound to you?

We think it sounds pretty good, and we’re proud to share the latest results from a multi-year RCT that indicates children in FluentSeeds classrooms experienced zero learning loss throughout the pandemic, with significant growth in vocabulary skills. This study also illustrates that when organizations like Kidango use SEEDS tools and strategies with fidelity, it is possible to achieve overwhelmingly positive outcomes for the children in their care.

The science of reading, social-emotional learning, and partnerships with community leaders, parents, extended family, and other child advocates unequivocally increase early childhood literacy. Investing in this area is arguably one of the best uses of public funding, with long-lasting, impactful, positive benefits to individuals and society.

This month’s accelerated 3-5 TTT training sparked lively discussion around research, particularly Hart and Risley’s 1995 study:
“Meaningful Differences in the Everyday Lives of Young American Children”

In case you’d like to read some of the latest thoughts on this influential work, here are some links:

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As the titles illustrate, there is a plethora of opinion on the matter! We’d love to hear your thoughts, so please add them through any of our social media channels.