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New Years Eve, 2021


The return to classrooms and in-person events did not materialize this year as we all had hoped, yet despite more pandemic-related challenges, FluentSeeds and our incredibly resilient partners were still able to continue service to children and families throughout the country.

Service, to us, means closing the achievement gap. For far too long teachers, coaches, and administrators have been tasked with teaching reading with ineffective and sometimes even damaging curricula. The SEEDS of Learning frameworks have been specifically developed through research and science. They support and encourage adults with direct, systematic, and explicit instruction to teach reading and reach every child, no matter their circumstance in life.

We are looking forward to continuing to serve even more teachers, families, coaches, and childcare providers in 2022. Our upcoming calendar is bustling with activity; with trainings across the country including virtual, asynchronous, and – delightfully – some in-person. We hope that is a trend that will continue as we cannot wait to see your faces again.

We are grateful and honored to partner with each and everyone of you, to spread SEEDS of Learning and help each child reach their full potential.
Training hours logged in 2021, looking forward to more in 2022!

“SEEDS has offered intentional transitions and interventions to teachers to use as both Tier 1, 2, and 3 supports. It has helped fill the gaps of learning in our teaching staff and offered clear, easy-to-understand continuum’s for teachers to use with struggling children. It has made support staff stronger by allowing reasonable and obtainable training to them.”

“The SEEDS framework provides a foundation for learning. I find the parallel process of both adult and child learning to be highly effective in creating best practice habits, influences new knowledge and developing skills. Taking a SEEDS balanced approach promotes growth and respect for human dignity.”

“We base everything we do in SEEDS. It allows us to ground our work in building relationships, while also improving the skills necessary for success in kindergarten.”

“I have led a few org wide SEEDS trainings. I think it’s one of the best programs I’ve ever seen. The entire system helps me frame ways to support children in all learning domains and this helps with coaching and praxis conversations or other interactions related to ECE.

“It has been some of the most beneficial, useful training I’ve had as a teacher.”
Happy New Year from all of us at FluentSeeds!

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