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November Update

We are grateful to see the world taking tentative steps out into the open and gathering together again in groups. Covid affected more than a few of our FluentSeeds staff, and while some have lingering symptoms, we are grateful things were not any worse. We hope there has been a complete recovery if Covid has visited you or your loved ones.
FluentSeeds has provided over 638 hours of virtual training in 2021! That number includes training hours to tutors, teachers, coaches, and parents, providing them with proven strategies to ensure the children they serve will be on track for kindergarten and well on the road to literacy. Our non-profit organization continues to grow with the support of partners, anchor organizations, and private donors who share our belief that literacy is achievable for ALL children.

Our dedicated data analyst is busy working with a new data tracking tool to improve the way we gather, synthesize, and share numbers and results. Tableau is a tool to help people see and understand data; it simplifies the process of analysis and creates visualizations that make the data understandable and useful. In our upcoming impact report, we’ll illustrate our results in a simplified and beautiful manner.
We continue to be grateful to our FluentSeeds Board of Directors for guiding us along the path of growth. Collectively, their impact on the lives of children is enormous. We’d like to share with you a presentation that one of our board members, Kareem Weaver, recently gave on literacy and what the Department of Justice has to say about it.
Kareem Weaver with SFUSD CAC and AAPAC 10-28-2021

In the presentation, Kareem highlights a report from the Department of Justice entitled, Reduced Recidivism and Increased Employment Opportunity Through Research-Based Reading Instruction.


“If we don’t get reading right, nothing else matters.”

The combination of FULCRUM’s “laser-like focus on reading” and the NAACP’s focus on social justice is combined in the statement that literacy is a human right. Without the ability to read, individuals cannot participate in our democracy, are often marginalized, and far too frequently locked away. Our society misses out on a tremendous amount of talent, thought, and creativity. Continuing this is a national shame because the tools and strategies exist to teach reading. Private providers like FluentSeeds can step in to help public school systems, which are often overwhelmed by administrative and systemic regulations.

When you support FluentSeeds with a donation, you are providing community leaders, teachers, and parents access to the Seeds of Learning set of frameworks. These tools have been proven time and again to prepare children for kindergarten with the necessary skills to become readers and reach their full potential.

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