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Advocate for Your Child In Early Educational Environments with Parent Voice

Is your child struggling with reading? Are you seeing them progress more slowly than an older sibling did at that age? Have you been told they need more help?

Advocating for our children in academic settings isn’t always easy. Educational acronyms run a veritable alphabet from ADHD to WJIII, and the school system itself can be a mystery for those who don’t have direct experience. In short, it can be intimidating to speak up and ask for help when your child needs it. Where to start?

We’ve put together a document you can download and take with you to your next school conference, with resources to learn and questions to ask your child’s teacher when and if a challenging early literacy situation arises.

A child’s learning is a collaboration between school and home. Your child’s teacher wants them to succeed and will appreciate your input and the continuity between the two places young children spend the most time. Your advocacy is helpful as it allows for better understanding of your child’s needs.

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