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English Literacy Card Kit


The English Literacy Card Kit will provide competency and knowledge in the ability to be able to read, write, and talk using concepts and strategies that define this successful program. Children will grow and develop there literacy, phonological awareness and memory, visual discrimination. These portable ringed cards are designed to be handy making it easy to integrate the SEEDS models into your teaching. Use these cards to assist in teaching children but most importantly providing a tool to interact with children. You will find this as an easier way to integrate more SEEDS strategies into your day. Enjoy the impact these will have for you and the children, creating quality interactions together!


What the Kit Includes:
Printed on a sturdy card stock with rounded corners, the package includes 14 card sets and an 8.5 x 11″ Alphabet Sound Chart. The cards are thoughtfully illustrated with full color images that are easy-to-read and carefully chosen to engage your young learners. The package includes Alliteration Cards (30), Alphabet Flip Cards (13 double-sided), Alphabet Sound Cards – Lowercase (2 sets of 26 each), Alphabet Sound Cards – Uppercase (2 sets of 26 each), Alphabet Sound Chart (8.5 x 11), Rhyming Cards (30), Color Cards (2 sets of 10 each), Number Cards (10), Shape Cards (2 sets of 10 each), and Social Emotional Cards (2 sets of 10 each).

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