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SEEDS Relationship-Based – Parenting Manual


The SEEDS of Relationship-Based Parenting is a five-session class that assists the parenting journey, help ng parents understand more about their child’s development and how they can support them. The manual explores both brain and skill development in children and provides hands-on ways to create quality interactions with children. Covering areas of: Relationship based interactions, Seeds quality interactions, Language and development, On the road to school readiness, Seeds in action-sounds, emotions, and screen time.

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Why We Recommend:
-Parents will learn about the child’s development, the brain, early language, literacy and math.
-You will find activities to add in your everyday interactions with your child during daily routines.
-Help parents in school readiness, providing a road map to guide parents engagement in positive interactions and create a shared positive learning environment for children from birth until Kindergarten.

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