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Teacher Appreciation Week

Photograph from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation and Kidango

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

We are so grateful for all of our SEEDS educators. The FluentSeeds team wants to express their gratitude for the SEEDS community through quotes and poetry. When asked about what they appreciate about the educators they get to work with, the FluentSeeds Coaches had nothing but great things to say:

Thank you amazing teachers for always going above and beyond, whether in person or virtually! You are flexible, engaging, and continuously learning new skills to support ALL learners! THANK YOU! GRACIAS!!

-Bernadette Pilar Zermeño, Program Coordinator

The dedication, flexibility,  and endless care each teacher and tutor has shown this year is incredible. The teacher and tutors have been aware of student and family needs. They have encouraged students to join, connect and participate in class. They have taught reading fundamentals in whole groups, small groups, and on seesaw! They have connected to each student in song, dance, breathing exercises, and play! Each teacher has given their class the confidence and self-image that is loveable and capable.  It is an honor to be in the community with each teacher and tutor in SEEDS, you have taught me so much!

-Emily Grunt, Literacy Coach

I am impressed by your creativity, your resilience, your passion, and your strength, as we have navigated distance learning this year. I have seen you all give so much of your time, love, and dedication to your students, their families, and the communities in which you work. You gave students so many opportunities to engage in meaningful activities through Zoom and through asynchronous learning. You made meaningful connections and relationships with the families to support the learning at home. And you made sure to support the communities by advocating for students and families and taking the time to make sure they had what they needed to be successful. I am honored to be your coach and grateful to have such wonderful colleagues in all of you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do!

-Lisa Holt, Literacy Coach

I had the privilege of being in an early childhood program today. The space was bustling – full of sounds and activity. The teacher was leading a new activity, and though one child was crying, another was singing, and another was walking around, she engaged each in the activity – each child got a chance to try in a slightly different way. “I love you,” one child said to her suddenly, and within a few seconds, all of the children were echoing the same. “I love you, too,” she said to them, and they all cheered. This week, I am so appreciative of the love that children feel in their learning spaces. Thank you, educators, for the art (how you teach) and the science (what you teach) that children engage in every day!

-Dana Cilono, Director

The poem below – written by FluentSeeds Executive Director Kate Horst – is occasionally read to newly SEEDS certified educators during their last celebratory training session! 

A Sensitive Teacher

A sensitive teacher knows just what to do,
Using your senses and following through
You’ve watched, waited, and listened while your learners smile’ glistened
Because you were aware and asked questions – it’s true you helped learners succeed through sensitive actions galore.
We thank you for all that you’ve done – through sensitivity and so much more…

An Encouraging Teacher

Hip, hip hooray to our encouraging bunch, giving so many affirmations and praise – even before lunch!
Your smiles, respect, and caring tone helped learners feel capable and never alone
You filled children’s minds, hearts and souls, and encouraged them to reach their goals
Because of you, each learner’s greatness shone
Families are feeling so proud of how much their child has grown

A Teacher that Educates

Teachers, Teachers, Teachers have names
Teachers are experts at educating through instruction and games.
Building the foundations for literacy and math is no simple feat
But watching this crew in action was a really special treat
From sign-in to read aloud
Through meaningful transitions, read aloud, and play
Our learners were guaranteed to learn something new every day
Let’s give a big five to the teachers who strive to educate each child
Because of you, our learners have learned that they have both –  knowledge and power!

A Teacher that Develops through Doing

Let’s clap two times (clap clap) for teachers who shine at making sure learners develop through doing at anytime
Be it singing or dancing, talking or writing, let’s draw, let’s jump, let’s think and touch
These super develop through doing teachers know that through doing, learners learn so much.
The room is filled with learning and intentional play opportunities for learners to learn in a multi-sensory way
Through doing, learners minds develop and grow
It is because of you that learners participate in learning all they know!

Self-image is respected, lovable, and capable

When we put you all together
All your strengths, knowledge, and care
We create a force to be reckoned with – inequity beware!
You work tirelessly to close the gap – so that all of our children can soar.
This work is hard, there is no doubt, and it should never go ignored.
So thank you for all you’ve done starting back in SEEDS Training a few months ago
Your time, your energy, your heart, and minds help to ensure our children grow
Building the self-image of our children is the most important work we believe
And it is because of the balance in our FluentSeeds Team we will continue to achieve!

THANK YOU and Welcome to the FluentSeeds Team!