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Unpacking the January 6th Insurrection

Alesha Martin and Rebecca Nathan are long-time SEEDS educators. In 2011, Rebecca Nathan began her SEEDS journey in Minnesota, where she began doing SEEDS coaching and training.  More recently, her SEEDS work has expanded to California and Miami and has included an equity focus lens.

In 2014 Alesha Martin decided to pause and invest more energy into her life’s mission: serving the underserved–especially underserved women and children. This led her to become a literacy tutor in the Washington DC area.  It was during her tutoring experience that Alesha was introduced to SEEDS and has since become a passionate SEEDS trainer, coach, and contributor.

Both women are passionate about social justice, including racial equity, and took time to reflect and process the violence at our nation’s capital on January 6th. 

Interview Notes:

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