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FluentSeeds provides early literacy training and coaching with SEEDS of Learning™, a rigorously researched professional learning framework based on the latest science of reading. SEEDS advances kindergarten readiness for all children equitably through fun and effective high-quality interactions.

We engage parents, communities, childcare providers, teachers, schools, and instructional coaches in supporting children to become confident, capable readers.

The opportunity gap begins at birth and widens by the time a child reaches kindergarten. Two-thirds of American fourth graders cannot read at grade level.

  • “This innovative teacher coaching model supports children’s social-emotional development and significantly contributes to closing the opportunity and school readiness gaps at kindergarten entry.”

  • SEEDS serves as a great foundation in any program. It has a great emphasis on building quality relationships with the children. Teachers are introduced to many useful techniques that they are able to use throughout the day. SEEDS shows everyone how to be change agents and I am thankful to be a part of it.

    Ann Holmes
  • As with all educators, I live for the, “ah-ha moments,” when a little spark of knowledge is suddenly lit up within students. I enjoy the training received in SEEDS because it helps me further develop my skills to provide the “ah-ha moments.” SEEDS is a vital tool for both experienced and new teachers.

    Dr. Phillip Scheir
  • The SEEDS framework provides a foundation for learning. I find the parallel process of both adult and child learning to be highly effective in creating best practice habits, influences new knowledge and developing skills. Taking a SEEDS balanced approach promotes growth and respect for human dignity.

    Maria Rose Snider
    Director, Rainbow Child Development Center
  • We love SEEDS!! The positive impact we have seen on early literacy skills in our classroom implementing strategies with fidelity is huge! Kate, Dana, and the team are amazing and have been beyond supportive throughout our learning!

    Patricia Beatty
    Early Childhood Preschool Supervisor
  • We base everything we do in SEEDS. It allows us to ground our work in building relationships, while also improving the skills necessary for success in kindergarten.

    Rebecca Pride, The Literacy Lab
    Early Literacy Coach
  • SEEDS helps teachers be more sensitive and focused on being more literacy aware so children can reach goals to be successful in kindergarten.

    Monica Torgerson
    Head Start Teacher
  • Provides a foundational starting point for all staff (including paras and family child care) to ensure that all adults working with early learners understand the priority and value of how we affect children. It also makes learning at this age fun, consistent and engaging as well as building relationships with children and families.
    It is one of THE most important pieces of our district early learning program.
    Thank you.

    Dawn Rehn
    Early Learning Coordinator

Our mission is to ensure kindergarten readiness so all children will be fluent readers by grade 3

using the proven five essential components of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. We currently serve over 4,000 adults and 30,000 children in a variety of environments including home, community, child care, pre-kindergarten, transitional kindergarten, and K-2.

United States color-coded map indicating states where FluentSeeds currently works.

A randomized control trial – the gold standard in social science measurement – proves that a single year of SEEDS training produces statistically significant, positive gains in children’s early reading skills, of up to 8 months of additional learning within one single year.


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