Our History

Kate Horst created the SEEDS of Learning™ model over 30 years ago through a collaboration with the University of Minnesota and involvement in the Minnesota Early Literacy Training Project. Since that time, SEEDS has moved through Reading Corps PreK, Early Reading First Grants, the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, CARES for Learning, FluentSeeds, and is now part of Collaborative Classroom. SEEDS has undergone rigorous independent evaluations that prove its efficacy in preparing children for kindergarten and reading by grade 3.

Preschool teacher smiling at child while sitting on floor with 4 children, looking at a picture book

We leverage training, observation, and feedback as critical levers to monitor progress toward a shared vision of confident and capable learners.

The data collection methods taught through our model ensure that adults are able to tailor their interactions based on the child’s developmental stages.

We offer training for educators to advance skills in literacy instruction and significantly raise outcomes for the children in their care and classrooms.

Onsite In-Person

Virtual Via Zoom