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Grateful for You this November, 2022

Gratitude for our Funders, Partners, Friends

This Thanksgiving season – as always – we feel overwhelmingly grateful for the people who believe in our mission and back that belief with tangible supports to keep us moving forward, spreading SEEDS in an ever-widening circle.

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation has been instrumental to our very existence, and as they continue to provide financial support and expert consultation we pledge to continue to live up to our promise to serve Oakland’s children and the adults who support them.

The Overdeck Family Foundation is generously providing us with financial support and guidance surrounding the refinement of our organizational priorities. Those include Data accountability, Consistency and Fidelity, Management, and Sustainability. We have made great strides in each of these areas with their encouragement and feel ever more confident in our organization’s capacity to scale.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have been selected to participate in the 2022 Promising Ventures Fellowship. This is an opportunity to learn, grow, and exchange knowledge with peers who share our mission, and benefit from the experience of experts in the startup industry.

Our team continues to work hard to advance and expand our reach, always with our mission in mind: ensuring all children become fluent readers by grade 3!

Although research shows that early childhood is the most important period of a child’s education, the system provides little in the way of support, training, and professional development for early childhood educators. The available training is oftentimes low-quality and based on outmoded methods and strategies. All-important social-emotional development skills crucial to school success can be overlooked. Just as with parenting, there is no handbook for early childcare education – which makes professional development critical to the work. Early childhood educators, teachers, parents, and other family members should not be left to navigate what can be a crowded sea of misinformation and poor advice on their own.

The work we do impacts children, the adults in their lives, schools, communities, and ultimately society at large. Reading is essential to learn and reach our human potential. To you – the parents, teachers, tutors, and community members with whom we work, we extend our utmost gratitude and respect. The work you do has enormous reach and impact.
What do high-quality interactions look like and what effect do they have on children? Along with funders from The Kenneth Rainin Foundation, The Overdeck Family Foundation, and the Bezos Family Foundation, FluentSeeds Program Director Emily Grunt joined other leaders in early education including Parent Corps, and Tools of the Mind to examine the role professional development plays in creating high-quality environments for our youngest learners. The conversation was full of examples of innovative models designed to engage and empower early childhood educators and insight into how these efforts can help address early childhood educator retention and set children on the path toward early and later school success.

We’re honored and grateful to the Campaign for Grade Level Reading for hosting and allowing us to participate. Watch the full conversation here:
This month we welcomed Sasha St. Denny to the FluentSeeds team. Sasha was born and raised in San Francisco, California. She has a B.A. in Communication from UC Santa Barbara and a Multiple Subject teaching credential from San Francisco State University. We are thrilled to have her join us!
Thanks to a wonderful volunteer in Oakland we have this record of why FluentSeeds Tutors do what they do. We are so inspired and filled with gratitude for their work!
We have so much to be grateful for, most especially every single one of you who believe – as we do – that every child should have equal opportunity to thrive through the POWER OF READING

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