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Cover screen showing photo of children surrounded by hearts graphic and FluentSeeds logo, with text below saying, "Creating Confident, Capable Readers" and below that text saying, "The FluentSeeds educational model, called SEEDS, is based on the idea that school readiness is more than just memorizing letters and learning their sounds. It’s about the interactions that develop between children and adults."
Quote from the Kenneth Rainin Foundation, "This innovative teacher coaching model supports children’s social-emotional development and significantly contributes to closing the opportunity and school-readiness gaps at kindergarten entry."
Slide contains owl graphic with the text, "What is FluentSeeds? FluentSeeds is a non-profit formed to promote early learning and literacy through the SEEDS of Learning Professional Development Framework. FluentSeeds partners with anchor organizations to make SEEDS of Learning training and coaching available to institutions serving children."
Slide contains owl graphic with the text: "What is SEEDS of Learning? SEEDS of Learning is a set of early-literacy and language frameworks developed to support childhood educators and other adults in ensuring kindergarten readiness through balanced and quality interactions."
3 columns of text explaining the FluentSeeds Difference. Column one green background states, "Our evidenced-based framework results in positive literacy outcomes for all children. Studies have proven that our model is reliably replicable, which means that it’s user- friendly, and fun." Column 2 purple background states, "Our innovative teacher- coaching model supports adults who work with children to benefit children’s social- emotional development." Column 3 teal background states, "SEEDS demonstrates how it is possible to accomplish meaningful change in a large early learning system and deliver high-quality opportunities for all children."
Heading is "The Data", with the following text: "NORC at the University of Chicago conducted a randomized control trial with a diverse range of 1,200 preschool students across the East San Francisco Bay area." "The results from NORC studies show that children acquired gains equivalent to up to eight months of additional learning."
Text states, "Positive outcomes were seen for all children in all racial/ethnic subgroups as well as for dual language learners. Results showed that a single year of SEEDS training produced statistically significant, positive improvement in teacher knowledge and student early reading skills."
Slide heading states: "A Seeds-Quality Environment contains: Sensitive and aware of kid’s needs. Encouraging of child development Educates towards foundational skills that children need to be readers Develops skills through active engagement. SEEDS supports positive self-image. We provide training and coaching for adults, giving them the tools to support children’s language and literacy in relationship- based interactions"
Text states: "SEEDS of Learning fosters healthy relationships and quality connections between adults and children as the essential foundation for growth, development, and learning. Our model is curriculum agnostic. SEEDS has been found to be equally effective for all students regardless of • Gender • Race/ethnicity - including African American Boys • DLL status - including greater effects in vocabulary for DLLs • School Type"
Text states: "SEEDS frameworks include- teacher training high-intensity coaching high dosage tutoring tiered interventions corresponding parenting module"
Text states: "This training and coaching model gives adults the tools and confidence to accelerate child development, foster positive mindsets, and strengthen communities through a clearly defined feedback loop of positive interactions." "SEEDS is highly replicable, can be tailored to current curricula, is tech-savvy and available in multiple languages"
Graphic illustrating SEEDS skill development framework of Knowledge, Model, Practice, Observation, and Feedback. Bullet points states: Certified trainers Strive for 5 Check ins Progress monitoring Vocabulary with read aloud Intervention strategies
SEEDS Mission Statement: Our mission is to make sure every child can read fluently by third grade. Evidence-based Quality interactions Data-informed decision-making to big 5 predictive skills Fun and meaningful learning environments
Text States WHO WE ARE: For nearly 30 years, FluentSeeds Executive Director Kate Horst has been creating and modeling early childhood development practices and tools in partnership with anchor organizations, community leaders, teachers, and parents. Our coaches and trainers currently reach thousands of children in 12 states. Our board of directors include respected leaders in the literacy and justice field who share our belief that literacy is a human right." Links to Team page on website.
Owl graphic with the text: WHO WE SERVE: Adults working with children, birth to age 5 Coaches and Trainers Transitional Kindergartens Kindergartens Childcare providers Preschools Public School Systems Head Start Parents and Families
Title is REACH OUT, with text: We would love to work with you! Contact us on our website: Or email us at: