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This course is designed for Teachers, Tutors, and Early Childhood Care Providers Preschool – Grade 2

What is included?

  • 8 interactive modules, each containing multiple chapters and opportunities for discussion.
  • Our ©SEEDS of Learning eLearn Companion Manual, containing 230+ pages of aligned content

How much does it cost?

Our eLearning course + Printed Companion Manual + Toolkit:

1 Participant – $525.00

2-5 Participants – $510.00

6-10 Participants – $495.00

11-20 Participants – $480.00

21-50 Participants – $465.00

51+ Participants – $450.00

Our eLearning course + Digital PDF Companion Manual (no Toolkit):

1 Participant – $425.00

2-5 Participants – $410.00

6-10 Participants – $395.00

11-20 Participants – $380.00

21-50 Participants – $365.00

51+ Participants – $350.00

What do I get for my investment?

©SEEDS of Learning eLearn course provides all the strategies and tools of our professional development model and is designed to be incorporated into any early childhood environment. You will learn the art and science of best practices around language, literacy, social-emotional learning, and math, to ensure every child is kindergarten-ready and reading fluently by grade 3.

How long will it take me to finish the program?

Depending upon how much time you have available it is possible to finish the eLearn course in one week. On average we find participants finish in 20-25 hours, spending 2.75 – 3 hours on each module.

Why would I choose eLearn?

FluentSeeds’ eLearn course allows you to learn in your own environment and at your own pace. Many participants find this to be the most convenient method of obtaining SEEDS skills.

Do I have to be part of a cohort?

No, you can choose to go through the course on your own, at any time. You can also choose to learn within a cohort of other participants. Please contact us to be put on the list if this is your choice.

When can I start?

Whenever you are ready!

How do I sign up?

Contact us through our contact form or email:

What if I have more questions?


I have general questions about...


I work with a nonprofit running an early literacy program for elementary students in the community. How can I bring SEEDS to my parents and other caregivers?

Our staff can provide onsite or virtual training and coaching for your parents and other caregivers. Alternatively, you can purchase our eLearning course for individuals to complete on their own or within a cohort community. Contact for your unique needs.

I am a preschool director/family childcare administrator

Would you like your staff trained in SEEDS? Whichever path you choose, you can be sure we will support them throughout the entire journey, from knowledge, to model, to practice, and ensure the children in your care receive the literacy foundations they need to be kinder-ready.

I’m an administrator for K-12

©SEEDS of Learning supports any curriculum in the K-2 environment. We have years of experience training and coaching teachers and tutors in the classroom.

I am a teacher/tutor with previous SEEDS training and want to train others

Look for our Train-the-Trainer course offerings here on our website:

I am a teacher/tutor with previous SEEDS training

Excellent! If you would like to refresh and update your training we recommend our eLearn platform. We’ve combined SEEDS instruction from our Family Child Care, 3-5 (preschool/TK), and Parenting frameworks, resulting in a comprehensive learning tool updated around equity concepts and divided into manageable course segments for easier absorption.

I am a teacher/tutor with no SEEDS experience

Talk with your administration about obtaining SEEDS for all the teachers and tutors within your organization. They may be interested, too! You can also purchase our eLearn course for yourself and gain all the strategies and tools of our professional development model to incorporate into your early childhood environment. 

I am a parent/caregiver

Our ©SEEDS of Learning eLearn program is being adapted specifically for parents. Please email: to be added to the list and we will notify you when it is ready!

I do child care in my home

We know how hard you work and how tired you must be at the end of the day! Childcare is some of the most difficult – yet rewarding – work there is and we are grateful for people like you. We recommend our eLearn platform as you can go through it at your convenience and in small amounts; most people find that sessions take approximately 2.5 – 3.0 hours to complete.

I work in higher education. How can I get SEEDS to my students?

You may attentd either virtual or eLearn training and follow with our Train-the-Trainer courses. You may also purchase manuals and other supplementary materials for use in your classroom. Contact: for your unique questions and needs.

Can anyone buy your materials and use them in a classroom?

If you have taken the initial SEEDS training and Train-the-Trainer you may use the included manuals and any other items you purchase from our website in your classroom.

Will this help me get a job?


©SEEDS of Learning is an evidence-based Response to Intervention (RtI) professional development (PD) program that prepares early childhood educators to promote kindergarten readiness through development of children’s oral language, emergent-literacy, and social-emotional skills. In randomized controlled trials and quasi-experimental studies, all children participating in SEEDS acquired gains of up to 8 months of additional learning.

SEEDS training provides you with in-depth knowledge of early childhood learning and brain development. You will feel confident that you have learned the art and science of best practices around language, literacy, social-emotional learning, and math. 

When can I attend training?

You may sign up for our eLearn course at any time. We post other upcoming training opportunities on our trainings page on this site.  If there is a particular training you are interested in, please contact us and we will add your name to the list to be notified when it is scheduled.

How do I sign up for a training?

I have a question that isn't answered here!

We’d love to find you the answer! Contact: