Our Programs

The seeds of literacy are planted before children enter school. Important literacy skills do not develop spontaneously, instruction shapes them.

Snow, Burns and Griffin, 1998

Increase Literacy in Your Community

The FluentSeeds educational model, called SEEDS, is based on the idea that school readiness is more than just memorizing letters and learning their sounds. It’s about the interactions that develop between children and adults. 


Especially post pandemic, children’s learning has taken a detour. Our program has proven to provide the road map for teachers to lead children back on the road to literacy. Our program has been proven to increase literacy in the first year by 8 months growth, erasing the opportunity gap. 

Quality connections with adults is the foundation for child growth and development. Our training model gives adults the confidence and know-how to accelerate child development, foster positive mindsets, and strengthen communities.

Our Foundation

Our Foundation Data-based decision making Evidence-based interventions and progress monitoring Implementation fidelity process

Community Partnership

We provide training, coaching and materials for Educators, Childcare Providers, Families, Tutors and Community Leaders who work with children from birth to age 5.

We collaborate with you to create professional learning plans that are differentiated based on the unique context of each community. We leverage training, observation and feedback as critical levers as we monitor progress toward a shared vision of confident and capable learners. The data collection methods taught in our program ensure that adults are able to tailor their interactions based on the child’s developmental stages.

When paired with evidence-based instructional tools our model is proven to be effective in increasing school readiness and equity for dual language learners, children in poverty, and children of color. While all children benefit from our program, in instances where differences were found, they favored ‘at-risk’ students. 2013 Study by University of Chicago, NORC (link to research section).

Our Services

We have a comprehensive package that starts with pre-kindergarten programs, kindergarten and can follow those students to 3rd grade, strengthening the infrastructure for literacy K-2 as we go. Not only that, we have aligned programs for families so children experience coherence and their younger siblings come to school ready

The schools and programs partnered with us see the strongest impact after 3 years. During that time, we also support the internal capacity of schools and programs through gradual implementation to internal staff.

We offer many training opportunities for adults to advance skills in literacy and significantly raise outcomes for the children in their care and classrooms:

Onsite or Online

Onsite or Online workshops for individual caregivers, teachers, tutors, and parents Community-centered programs for groups throughout your organization

Asynchronous e-learning

Asynchronous e-learning for individuals or groups available 24/7 at your own pace


Trainer-the-Trainer programs to develop internal trainers


Trainer-the-Trainer programs to develop internal trainers


Trainer-the-Trainer programs to develop internal trainers


Trainer-the-Trainer programs to develop internal trainers