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Portrait of Executive Director, Kate Horst, smiling, wearing black turtleneck

Kate Horst

Executive Director and Author of ©SEEDS of Learning


After nearly three decades in early childhood education working with some of the finest, Kate has defined the pathways for reading success by grade 3. Her experience was built through leadership on five very successful Early Reading First Grants. She brought her model to and created the pedagogy that drives the PreK Minnesota Reading Corps. Her work has grown to serve communities in 12 states and the District of Columbia.

Kate has programs and materials that reflect her knowledge and understanding of quality interactions. Kate is the author, trainer, and coach for SEEDS for Adolescent Parents, SEEDS of Learning for Pre-to-Kindergarten School Readiness, SEEDS of Learning for Family Child Care Providers, SEEDS of Learning for Infants and Toddlers, SEEDS of Learning for Parents of children birth to kindergarten and SEEDS of Learning for Parents from kindergarten to age two and SEEDS of Relationship-Based Coaching.

Kate’s work has been rigorously evaluated by the Center for Early Education and NORC at the University of Chicago with significant impacts and effects on school readiness that outperform other national leading programs. Kate holds a degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education from The College of St. Teresa, an all women’s college, which gave her the opportunity to build her voice, confidence, and skills needed to speak up for those most in need and often underrepresented as well as to engage in highly collaborative learning. She holds a license in Adult and Parent Education from the University of Minnesota and a certificate in Coaching from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota.

“I believe that we as leaders have the potential to build up and strengthen all who we serve by the quality of our interactions. The reverse is also true. Nature and nurture, the art and science behind powerful daily interactions, as well as the science of the brain, emotions, reading, language, and human needs and capabilities have been my guide.”