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Our New Program Director

FluentSeeds is delighted to announce the selection of our new Program Director, Emily Grunt. After a highly rigorous search process, Emily was chosen as the most qualified and best possible fit for this new role, designed to further strengthen and lead a strong, inclusive, equity-driven team culture that advances our mission to ensure every child is a fluent reader by third grade.

Emily brings over ten years of experience as a SEEDS of Learning Trainer, Coach, and Master Coach, is a Certified SIPPS Trainer and Coach, and brings a long track record of education leadership and management experience to this new position. Emily’s core knowledge of the SEEDS of Learning frameworks and commitment to equity has helped forge deep and meaningful relationships with educators, parents, and caregivers within the Oakland Unified School District and crucial community organizations throughout the United States. This new role will allow Emily to have an even greater impact on tens of thousands of children and the adults who care for and teach them.

Our interview with Emily for Women’s History Month is on Youtube.

“Emily has been an amazing partner in the work to ensure all Oakland children become powerful readers. Excited to see her take on this role and expand her impact on community.”
–Michael De Sousa, Ed.D. The Oakland REACH, Chief Program Officer

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